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Oak Brook Fertility Center and The IVF Institute- Chicago ( have recently merged to form Reproductive Medicine Institute (RMI). Drs. John Rinehart MD, PhD, JD.; W.P Dmowski MD, PhD.; Nasir Rana MD, MPH; Carolyn Coulam, MD; and Elena Truckacheva, MD, MSIC are committed to working together to bring academic excellence, cutting edge technology and skilled experience in a patient-oriented practice. With over 150 years of combined experience, we have achieved unmatchable success. Together we are able to provide patients the highest possible odds of achieving pregnancy, while providing patients with the best treatment science has to offer.

There is no dream more wonderful to an infertile couple than that of bringing a new life into this world!!

Oak Brook Fertility Center (OBFC) provides a sophisticated and comprehensive personal approach tailored to the specific needs of each couple, with advanced reproductive technologies at an affordable cost.

If your attempts at pregnancy over the course of six to 12 months are without success, or if a woman's age is 32 years and older, it is time to see a Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility (REI) specialist at Oak Brook Fertility Center.

The bottom line is success.

And for over 35 years, the staff of OBFC has provided clinical services, trained experts in the field, conducted clinical and basic research, and has helped thousands of couples pursue and attain their dream of having a family.

Our SUCCESS RATES are listed under the "Low Cost IVF Cycle" link above.

Call us Toll-Free at 888-331-3336 to schedule your consultation with one of our compassionate, experienced REI specialists.

The Oak Brook Fertility Center Difference

Modern management of infertility and reproductive disorders requires a sophisticated medical facility, advanced equipment, and state of the art technology as well as up-to-date expertise of all staff members. 

OBFC meets and exceeds this criteria. Our facilities and laboratories are fully accredited and offer a full spectrum of modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including in vitro fertilization (IVF) and also those procedures less invasive and less expensive than IVF.

The fact that you are visiting this website indicates that you have taken the first of many steps toward overcoming infertility. The next and possibly most important step will be to decide where you will turn for help.

At OBFC, we offer a full range of infertility treatments including those less invasive and less expensive than IVF. As a referral center, we do not preselect our IVF candidates and frequently perform IVF procedures in couples who may not have the optimal chances and/or who were turned away by other clinics.  Over the years, our Success Rates (please select the "Low Cost IVF Cycle" link above) have progressively improved, not unlike those from other leading centers. Moreover, our center has established a successful frozen embryo transfer (FET) program which increases chances for pregnancy with each egg retrieval. However, we would like to stress that a comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria for assisted reproductive techniques (ART) may vary from clinic to clinic. Rather than simply producing as many IVF pregnancies as possible, we work with a limited number of patients undergoing IVF at the same time which allows us to provide each couple with the most focused compassionate care and personal attention possible. We are with you step-by-step through the entire treatment.  

All services, testing, and procedures are performed at one convenient, easy to reach location - in Oak Brook, Illinois - 20 miles west of Chicago. Located at the convergence of three Interstate highways, we offer easy access and ample free parking for patients from a multi-state area. And evening and weekend hours are available.

Meet Our Doctors and Staff

Our double board certified Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility physicians, W. Paul Dmowski, M.D., Ph.D., Nasir Rana, M.D., MPH, and Elena Trukhacheva, M.D., MSCI lead our team of experienced fertility treatment professionals. Our skilled nurses are required to participate in continuing education courses and actively expand their areas of expertise. Together, our doctors and staff employ a team approach to treating infertility, ensuring that each patient benefits from our collective years of experience and knowledge.

Low-cost IVF Cycle

At our infertility clinic (serving Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas), we feel that fertility treatment should be available to those individuals desiring a family, regardless of their budget. This is why OBFC proudly offers a discounted rate on a basic IVF cycle for patients without insurance. For further information, please visit our Low-Cost IVF Cycle page.

A History of Successful Pregnancies

In choosing a fertility center, it is important that you look not only at that clinic’s overall success rates, but also at how those rates break down among age groups and other factors. At Oak Brook Fertility Center, we do not preselect our IVF candidates. Over the years, our Success Rates (please select the "Low Cost IVF Cycle" link above) have progressively improved, not unlike those from other leading centers. Moreover, our center has established a successful embryo cryopreservation (egg freezing) program which increases chances for pregnancy with each egg retrieval. However, we would like to stress that a comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches vary from clinic to clinic.

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If you are considering treatment for infertility and are ready to take the next step, please contact Oak Brook Fertility Center, serving Chicago, Illinois and surrounding communities and states today by calling us Toll-Free at 888-331-3336.